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Key Stage 3:
Newly developed to the latest standards published by the Government, the Science Department have purchased a new scheme for Key Stage 3 called Smart Science.  KS3 are split into 7 and 8. They are taught in mixed ability classes but by Year 9 the students are streamed into up to 5 different classes according to their progress and current levels. They study a range of topics in the 3 disciplines in Science; Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  A High emphasis is placed on Maintaining Curiosity and Independent Learning. We aim to enthuse students, so they can enjoy science and the rewards the subject can bring.
We are very excited to announce the new scheme of work that has been in place since September 2015.  Smart Science is a new and very modern course, focussing on the curiosity of Science and the development of Investigative Skills.  With new assessment tools, text books and thorough preparation for KS4, we are sure this new course will motivate the students even more! The Smart Science scheme of work also comes with an e-book licence for up to 2 devices in your household.  This means your child can access the school textbook at home.  Please contact Mr Hobbs for more information.
Key Stage 4 - GCSE
All students will follow the AQA scheme of work for Separate Sciences GCSEs.  The course starts in Year 9. This means students leave Thomas Cowley with a GCSE in Biology, another GCSE in Chemistry and another GCSE in Physics. From Year 9 onwards students are taught by a specialist teacher where possible.  This means they have a Biology teacher, a Chemistry teacher and a Physics teacher.
This year (2016/17) saw the removal of ISAs, the Science coursework element. Due to governmental changes, students are no longer allowed to submit coursework as part of their GCSE and all material and content is to be examined at the end of Year 11. Each subject in Science is tested by sitting 2 exams; Paper 1 and Paper 2. By sitting 3 separate GCSEs, this means that students will sit 6 exams in total for Science.

The foundation paper covers grades 1 – 5
The higher paper cover grades 5 – 9
The decision to sit the higher paper is usually made by the Head of Department in consultation with the student, their teachers, and their parents where necessary.  There are many factors to consider.  Higher paper students should have shown by Year 11 that they are; capable, have progressed, willing to revise independently and attend revision sessions. There is no contingency if the score on a higher paper falls below grade 5. A zero is awarded.
Recent research informs us that in order to move onto A-Level courses, most Grammar schools are asking for a Grade 6.  The entry requirement fluctuates from institution to institution. Please always check.
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BTEC information:
BTEC Sciences will no longer run at Thomas Cowley High School. 
Extra-curricular information:
We offer a Science Trip every year if possible and the department runs competitions. Science Club is available for Year 7 and 8.  Enquiries to Miss Fernyhough please. Weekly revision sessions are available for Year 11. They are sometimes at lunch or after school.  These are open to Year 9 and 10.  Please see Mr Hobbs for details.


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