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Key Stage 3:
Newly developed to the latest standards published by the Government, the Science Department have purchased a new scheme for Key Stage 3 called Smart Science.  KS3 are split into 7, 8, and 9. They are taught in mixed ability classes in Year 7 and 8, but by Year 9 the students are streamed into up to 5 different classes according to their progress and current levels. They study a range of topics in the 3 disciplines in Science; Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  A High emphasis is placed on Maintaining Curiosity and Independent Learning. We aim to enthuse students to enjoy science and the rewards the subject can bring.
We are very excited to announce the new scheme of work that has been in place since September 2015.  Smart Science is a new and very modern course, focussing on the curiosity of Science and the development of Investigative Skills.  With new assessment tools, text books and thorough preparation for KS4, we are sure this new course will motivate the students even more! The Smart Science scheme of work also comes with an e-book licence for up to 2 devices in your household.  This means your child can access the school textbook at home.  Please contact a Science Teacher for more information.
If you have recieved your Smart Science username and password for use at home, please follow this link to download the app.
Alternatively you can download the Smart Science app from the apple app store, or google play store.
Key Stage 4 - GCSE
All students will follow the AQA Core Science course in year 10.  All students follow the AQA Additional Science course in Year 11.  In GCSE Science there is a demand for re-collection of knowledge and facts at the end of the course. They will have to perform an ISA (Investigative Science Assessment) during the year and sit 3 exams in Biology, Chemistry and Physics to gain an overall GCSE Science Grade. This happens both in Year 10 and again in Year 11.  Thus upon leaving Thomas Cowley, students will gain 2 Science GCSE's, fulfilling the National Standards of the 'Double Award'.
In September 2016, the Year 10 will begin a Government approved Double Award in Science.  We have again chosen AQA for this.  New Government changes have meant that all students in the UK must follow a Double Award path or Separate Sciences. We will only offer the Double Award at present.  This will be AQA Combined Science GCSE.  There will be no Year 10 exams in June 2017.  The course is 2 years long and a series of exams for this new course will be taken at the end of their Year 11 in June 2018.  This is part of the Government decisions on GCSE awards.
Schemes of Work:
AQA Science 'A' (Core) and AQA Additional Science
BTEC information:
BTEC Sciences will no longer run at Thomas Cowley High School.  Those that have started the course in Year 10 will be able to finish and certificate.
Extra-curricular information:
We offer a Science Trip every year if possible and the department runs competitions. Plans are being developed for a Science Club. Once a week we offer Revision lessons in Science after school and are developing a ‘Literacy In Science’ Session to aid examination practice and technique.


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