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ICT at TCHS is a very important area of study.  Students get a chance to learn important skills, understand and use 21st century ICT technology.  They also learn how to apply these vital skills gained in all areas the school curriculum. The members of staff have many years of industry and commercial experiences in computing that help them prepare students into confident and skilled ICT individuals. Our pass rate is always going up: In 2011 we had 65%, in 2012 we had 82% and in 2014 still managed to get 75% with all the many changes the government has introduced in qualifications.
Key Stage 3
In Key Stage 3, students have 2 lessons a fortnight and they work on various mini-projects most of which run for one half term. Most students achieve a grade in ICT and are ready to work independently on KS4 examinations in Year 10. 
The following topics are covered:
  • Word Processing
  • Spreadsheet Modeling and Presenting Numeric Data
  • Multimedia Presentations
  • Website Design and Development
  • Animations for the Web
  • Information and Data Handling
  • Desktop Publishing for the print and electronic media
  • Internet safety, Information and the World Wide Web
Key Stage 4 - GCSE
ECDL is billed as “the world’s number one in IT user qualification and the benchmark for digital literacy in educational systems around the globe” is taught in 4 modules. By the end of each module you get an actual certificate! Wow! Not to drive cars but being certified by the BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT ( that you are competent in Word Processing, Spreadsheet software, Presentation software and Improving Productivity using Information Technology! Okay so what do you get then? A GCSE equivalent grade of a Pass to a Distinction*. You will be fully equipped with skills to use applications you will have been taught confidently. Don’t miss out on this! Get an ECDL certification now!
For all registered students click on the Link here ( to sharpen your skills and prepare for the examinations.
Assessment information
All assessment is exam based. Students are tested on skills they have acquired in using Microsoft Office 2010.
Word Processing                                     |   45 mins                             
Spreadsheet Software                             |   45 mins                             
Presentation Software                             |   45 mins                             
Improving Productivity using IT               |   60 mins                                          
Schemes of Work:
European Computer Driving License (ECDL) list of tasks that will be covered throughout the 2 years of study:
Unit 1: Word Processing - Using Microsoft Word vs 2010
·         First Steps With Documents
·         Enhancing Documents
·         Formatting Paragraphs And Pages
·         Creating Tables
·         Working With Graphical Objects
·         Prepare For Printing
·         Mail Merge
Unit 2: Spreadsheets - Using Microsoft Excel vs 2010
·         First Steps With Spreadsheets
·         Working With Cells
·         Formatting Cells
·         Managing Worksheets
·         Formulas And Functions
·         Charts
·         Prepare For Printing
Unit 3: Presentations - Microsoft PowerPoint vs 2010
·         First Steps With Presentations
·         Enhancing Your Presentation
·         Using Text In Your Presentation
·         Charts And Graphics
·         Check And Deliver    
Unit 4: Improving Productivity using IT
·         Use of IT systems and software for different purposes
·         Review and adapt ongoing use of IT tools and systems
·         Develop and test solutions to improve use of IT tools and systems
Extra-curricular information
Our ICT rooms are always open at lunch for all students to come and use up to date computer systems.


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