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At The Thomas Cowley High School we believe that all our students should leave school with a complete education.
This should encompass their educational, psychological and physical health & wellbeing. We strive to ensure that they are the best that they can be and ready to face life after school.
Below is a recommendation from the PSHE Association with regard to developing PSHE within a school’s curriculum.
All schools must provide a curriculum that is broadly based, balanced and meets the needs of all pupils. Under section 78 of the Education Act 2002 and the Academies Act 2010 such a curriculum:
- promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils at the school and of society, and
- prepares pupils at the school for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life.
With this in mind the PSHE lessons at The Thomas Cowley High School allow students cover a range of topics designed to help them in various aspects of life, from how to get the job they want to managing their money, working as part of a team and much more. Throughout the year students are given opportunities to build confidence and learn the importance of working well with others as well as independently. These are all age appropriate.
Within the lesson we aim to give older students an advantage when seeking employment and to help them acquire the knowledge and skills essential for success after school, whether they go on to 6th Form, Further Education, and an Apprenticeship or into a career with training.
The areas of study for the students this year will be;
Term 1 & 2 – Relationships
v Healthy & Unhealthy Relationships
v Discrimination
v Friendships
v Valuing each other
v Bullying – This will coincide with Anti-Bullying week
Terms 3 & 4 – Living in the Wider World
v Rights & Responsibilities/ how to be active citizens
v Financial Choices/ Economic wellbeing
v Employability/ Careers/ the world of work
v Economic & Business environments
Terms 5 & 6 – Health & Wellbeing
v How to maintain physical, mental & emotional health & wellbeing, including sexual health.
v Parenthood and the consequences of teenage pregnancy
v How to manage risks
v Keeping physically & emotionally safe
v Making informed choices about health & wellbeing
v Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco
v Diet, Physical activity, Emotional and Sexual health
v How to respond in an emergency including First Aid
v The role and influence of the media


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