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Who is a High Attainer?
High attainers are defined by their KS2 results. Those students that gained an average point score of 30 or above are classed as a high attainer. The average point score is generated by taking an average from their maths and English results.
Whole school HA provision
At Thomas Cowley, teachers have chosen to adopt an embedded teaching approach whereby we use meta-learning tasks with the HA students. Meta-learning having the knowledge and understanding of what we know and how we think, including the ability to regulate our thinking as we work on a task. Metacognitively able students are aware of a range of strategies to help them to learn, know that they can direct their thinking & essentially are active rather than passive learners– engage with material that is to be learned, with stimulating situations, actively question and plan. It also helps shape active rather than passive learners, gives students a sense of control over their learning, they are learning how to learn and it helps to promote “deep learning”
In year 7 students are put into four classes. There is a HA class, two middle attaining classes and a low attaining class. Apart from the occasional exception, students will remain in this class for the rest of key stage 3. In core subjects such as maths and English, students are further separated and streamed into ability set classes. This allows students to be effectively taught at their level and appropriately challenged to suit their needs.
HA students are invited to a progress meeting regardless of their progress. For those students who are working above their target grades the meetings will be to praise and encourage them to meet their aspirational targets. Those students who are not meeting their targets will be asked to personally set targets to support their learning and these targets are reviewed. Subject teachers are these students are often contacted and are advised of the targets so that teachers are working collaboratively to aid the achievement of these targets.
KS3 – Students are set in English classes according to their KS2 results and this is with immediate effect in year 7. This allows HA students to be in a class with students that are of a similar or higher ability which helps promote higher level learning. Lessons are tailored accordingly to suitably challenge students’ learning and appropriate literary texts are chosen to ensure that students are exposed to texts of a mature and challenging nature. A KS3 book club is ran fortnightly whereby KS3 students work alongside each other and read and discuss the content of a book. This allows strong readers to develop the enjoyment and exploration of literature. It is important that HA students have access to an informal yet mature forum where literature can be discussed and appreciated, where the individual voice can be heard and where opinions and recommendations can be exchanged.  
KS4 – Weekly lunch time sessions are set up and HA students are encouraged to attend to promote revision of both language and literature topics. A fortnightly HA English club is set up for year 10 students to deepen and broaden their knowledge of GCSE topics. Opportunities are provided for these students to practise additional exam questions with the help and support of an English teacher so that intensive exam skills preparation is received to allow students to push for higher quality written work. These sessions supplement their statutory English lessons and will enhance the skills and subject content being taught.
Library - Reading
HA year 9, 10 and 11 students are encouraged to assist less fluent readers by enrolling in the school’s Reading Mentors project. They provide reading and comprehension help on a 1:1 daily basis to students who have to work with extra effort to improve their reading and processing skills. 
Whilst all KS3 students participate in the Accelerated Reader scheme, the library continues to cater for a growing number of students whose reading interests become more eclectic, ambitious and mature and in addition to the library’s stock of challenging books for these students, an additional list of recommended books (for KS3 and KS4) to read is provided. These books are categorised in the library in the ‘stretch and challenge’ section and are specifically targeted at the students with a high reading range.
Students in BTEC Health & Social Care have the opportunity to progress at their own pace, which suits high attainers as they are encouraged to complete work to Distinction standard.
All students are able to complete assignments as a whole or to break them down into individual assessments. High attainers are more able to see the assignment as a whole and meet the criteria for Pass, Merit and Distinction in one assessment. In order to meet the individuality of the course and the students, staff are available in R17 Tuesday lunch and Tuesday & Thursday after school to assist with coursework to push for high quality pieces of work that meet the Distinction criteria.


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